Draw the schematics for a simple first-order low-pass filter

What are common implementations of passive & active low-pass filters?

  1. RC Low-pass Filter: This is the most basic type of first-order low-pass filter, consisting of a resistor (R) and a capacitor (C). It allows low-frequency signals to pass through while attenuating high-frequency signals.
    RC Low Pass Filter

  2. RL Low-pass Filter: Similar to the RC filter, but with a resistor (R) and an inductor (L). It functions in a similar manner but with different frequency response characteristics due to the inductive element.
    RC Low Pass Filter

  3. Active Low-pass Filter: This type of filter uses an active component (typically an operational amplifier) in addition to passive components (resistors and capacitors). Active filters can provide higher performance and flexibility compared to passive filters.
    Active Low Pass Filter

Each type of filter has its own frequency response characteristics (cutoff frequency, etc.) which determine how effectively they attenuate high-frequency signals while allowing low-frequency signals to pass through.