Given a point-load at the end of a wall-mounted cantilever beam, what is the shear stress at the wall?


The shear stress at the wall should be positive P.
Let me know if my anser is not correct.

Hi @Weijun_Zhang, positive P would be the shear force in this case I believe. If we’re thinking about the shear force diagram that would be the case…but shear stress should be a force applied over an area.

In this case it would be:

Shear Stress= +P / v

where P = shear force, v = cross-sectional area.

Here’s a reference equation I found from Google:

Great! Thanks for pointing this out. So the shear stress should be P/A based on the reference equation.

@Weijun_Zhang That’s correct! Feel free to comment on any other posts you may be confused about, and we will try our best to answer. :slight_smile: