How do you interpolate the physical property of one unknown metal among metal sheets of known physical properties?

What can you do to find out the physical property of one unknown metal sheet among many known metal sheets? Young’s modulus, tensile strength…
What if those sheets are adhered to each other? and what if those sheet are not adhered? What’s the force acting on it?

@Kevin_Ja I’ve been slowly pondering the question, and am having some struggle wrapping my head around the premise.

A standard tensile test, where you take a “dog-bone” shaped sample of any material gives insight into the tensile strength, Young’s Modulus, yield strength, and ductility. You’ll be able to empirically graph out the stress-strain curve of the unknown material. Diagram of the machine and the specimen undergoes necking during the test is shown below.

In the case of having other metal sheets of known physical properties (i.e. different alloys of aluminum), if you had a sheet of unknown material (i.e. Stainless Steel 316), you’d be able to cross-compare key physical properties and realize that it’s a stronger material than said sheets of aluminum.

You can also just compare material property points online (lol) with the one unknown sheet.