What are some differences between aluminum and steel in terms of material properties?

Density, Strength-to-Weight Ratio, Manufacturability, etc.

Aluminum Steel
Material Properties Less dense than steel 2.5 time denser than aluminum, Higher Modulus of Elasticity
Strength-to-Weight Ratio Typically not as strong as steel, but 1/3 the weight Steel is strong and is less likely to warp, deform, or bend under weight, force, or heat. 3x heavier
Cost Cheaper More expensive
Manufacturability Much more malleable than steel. Aluminum becomes stronger in cold weather -High resistance to wear and abrasion, more difficult to handle, high hardness, harder to form than aluminum
Thermal Properties Becomes soft above 400 degrees, Melting Point: 660 °C Steel has much higher temperature capacities , Melting point: ~1500 °C